Makmen Ptrolium LLC


Wireless systems

Welcome to a new Era Makamen Petroleum is looking for the best solutions for its clients, and always focus on new technologies that really add value and worth clients expenditure. Save your rig cost and minimize human error and Safety issues by using our Wireless Gauge Technology.


  • The system monitor pressure & Temperature inside wellbore
  • can be used to monitor tubing and/or annulus pressure and temperature.
  • deployed as part of the production tubing
  • Designed and lab tested to operate in the well permanently for an average of 5 years.


  • Makamen can provide wireless gauges for frac, flowback, production monitoring and reservoir monitoring.
  • Downhole Gauges will provide production data and high speed pressure build up data for about 5 years.
  • Receiver Module deployed using slickline or E-Line
  • Dowhnole Gauge wirelessly transfer data to a receiver
  • HPHT gauge available for offshore wells

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