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Jet Pumping systems

Brief History

Hydraulic pumping systems transmit energy for artificial lift by means of pressurized power fluid injected into production tubular to a subsurface pump. The energy is converted into artificial lift via the Venturi effect and lifts the fluid up the wellbore. The following article takes a look at rethinking the jet pump as an alternative artificial lift solution  Jet pump technology has been around for a while. Bernoulli published his principle in his book Hydrodynamica in 1738. A Frenchman, Henri Giffard in 1858, invented the injector. The application of the technology to the oil field happened fifty+ years ago, but is seeing resurgence in the shale plays for a variety of reasons.

System Benefits

  • No WOU or wire line needed for service
  • High volume frac flow-backs
  • Efficiently handles low to high volume production
  • Extremely attractive in deviated or horizontal wells
  • Excellent solids handling capabilities
  • No moving parts downhole
  • Slimhole applications
  • Can work below the jet pump and packer without pulling the tubing string

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