Makmen Ptrolium LLC


ESP Production Optimization Systems

Protect your ESP installation, optimize your well production and improve your asset management with the new WellMonitor system. Simplicity, reliability and sophistication are combined in one package to provide the new benchmark in ESP monitoring.


The WellMonitor is easy to specify, easy to use and easy to integrate into any existing or planned ESP installation:

  • The down-hole gauge is supplied with screw-on adapters that match with all brands of ESP motor.
  • The surface interface card can be set up in seconds to match any existing modbus map, allowing for easy replacement of all brands of failed gauges.
  • The Isis software package is intuitive, making it quick and easy to learn.


The WellMonitorâ„¢ is designed and supported by experts with more than 100 years of ESP power line gauge experience:

  • The down-hole gauge incorporates the very latest high reliability, high temperature electronic components making it the new benchmark for reliability.
  • The down-hole gauge provides critical diagnostic information, enabling real time condition monitoring of the tool.
  • Technical support is comprehensive and available 24/7.