Makmen Ptrolium LLC


Electronic Memory Recorders

Makamen Petroleum Can Supply best in class EMR systems to the Oil and Gas market. Partnering with Spartek Systems as a principle combined with in-house experience and support, Makamen provides the best solution in the market.


  • Well Testing
  • Monitor Well performance
  • Permanent Sensors
  • Completion Diagnostics
  • Well Stimulation
  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Gradient Survey
  • Frac Monitoring
  • Monitor perforations through tubing 
  • Monitor pressure behind water injection valve

And much more

EMS Systems Available

  • Quarts Pressure Gauge
  • Sapphire Pressure Gauge
  • Side Pocket Mandrel Pressure Gauge
  • Sapphire Pressure Gauge with External Temperature
  • Hostile Environment Acquisition Tool (HEAT)
  • Well Head Data Recorder
  • Single channel Data Acquisition Logger
  • Multi-Cycle Shut in Tool
  • Gauge Bundle Carrier


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