Makmen Ptrolium LLC


Down-hole Completion Accessories

    Makamen line of cross coupling and mid-joint protectors are designed to support and protect an ESP cable, instrument cable or control line within the well bore. A well-designed cable protection system will increase the reliability of the installed ESP system or standalone monitoring system and will extend the life of the cable. Makamen cast steel cable protectors are available for API tubing sizes from 2 3/8” to 5 1/2”. Additional sizes are available on request.


    • Completions with ESPs
    • Completions with permanent down hole gauges
    • Completions using control line, fiber optic cable or electric cable.
    • Completions with surface-controlled, subsurface safety valves
    • Intelligent completions.


    • Designed to support the cable or control line without excessive physical force.
    • Prevents damage to cable or control line during run and pull of the completion.
    • Easy to install and remove and can be re-used.
    • Reduces risk of hang up or twisting of cable or control line during run and pull.
    • Single piece construction, eliminating risk of loose parts dropping down the well.

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