Makmen Ptrolium LLC


Welcome to Makamen

Makamen is an Omani Company established in Oman n November 2012.

The company targets to provide innovative engineering solutions to the oil and gas industry, maximizing service and product quality and maintaining top industry operating HSE standards.

"We start our operation in the Middle East focused on our customer's needs, with a collaborative approach, bringing new ideas and new solutions to the market."

Health & Social Environment

Makamen policy provides a number of procedures concerning the protection of the environment, the safety and health of its employees and contracted personnel and the communities in which we develop our operations.

Makamen is fully committed to the development of the employees and the communities, protecting the environment and observing all applicable laws and regulations.

Our Vision


To become a world class Oil and Gas engineering solutions provider, supported by strong research and development efforts and driven by national workforce.

Our Mission


Establish a visionary engineering platform in the field of Oil & Gas products manufacturing & services that can cater for the domestic and external market demands supported by strong engineering team and focused business strategies.